In 2020, we founded Thestorelocator-ie out of pure love for Shopping lovers. Since then, we have done some very extensive research and written detailed posts about stores, malls, local businesses, restaurants, banks, and salons where individuals can find local businesses around you quickly and easily.

The store locator ie is the Ireland-based directory of malls, stores, local businesses, salons, restaurants, and banks where individuals can find local businesses around them quickly and easily. All images are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and are in no way affiliated or associated with any of the companies or government agencies listed on this website.

Our website aids in helping the average person locate malls, stores, restaurants, gyms, beauty salons, banks, and any other sort of retail store nearby.

we are a local search engine of sorts. It is designed to make the process of finding local products and businesses much easier. 

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