Welcome to Hale Vaping, our are delighted that you have decided to take a look around and our hope you find we store and staff helpful. Founded in 2016, we have been in the Vaping business for over 6 years but our roots go much deeper than that a family owned business with over 40 years’ experience in the retail sector. Now that you know who our are, we hope you enjoy your experience with us on your journey to a smoke free lifestyle. Our are confident that our have the products to cater for your requirements. Our know that the world of vaping can be quite daunting, so our at Hale are trying to make your journey as simple as possible. Every of our standard Hale liquids are made in Ireland, this is something we are many proud of and our pre-production techniques and procedures were designed in conjunction with the chemistry department in Carlow I.T. All our Hale liquids use 3 base ingredients: Monopropylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine and Pharmaceutical grade Nicotine. Every our products are TPD compliant, this means that they fully comply with the new EU wide legislation, ensuring that you are receiving a fully regulated product. A product that you may trust, Hale vaping e-Liquids are the only vape liquid to carry the Guaranteed Irish symbol. When one of our customers makes the switch we desire them to be confident in recommending Hale Vaping products to their friends and family.

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