They initial focus was on the expansion of the American Pizza market in 1986. Pizza continued to be the fastest-growing fast food sector in 1995. We learned during this decade of sustained growth in the United States that we had only seen the beginning of the Irish market’s enormous potential for expansion. An Irish pizza delivery brand had a service gap in the market, according to The Good Food Company. In 1996, Apache Pizza debuted in Dublin. We wanted a strong name that would show that our pizzas are American-style, unlike Italian-style pizzas, which have a different dough base.

In a spirit of admiration and respect for the indigenous peoples of North and South America, Apache Pizza received its name. Most people think that the word “Apache” derives from the Yuma word for “fighting men” and the Zuni word for “enemy.” By definition, the term “Apache” refers to a number of culturally related Native American tribes that rebelled against oppression under the legendary Geronimo.

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Service Options

– Takeaway
– Delivery
– No dine-in

Service with Apache Pizza

– Pizza
– Chips & Dips
– Sides
– Chicken
– Burgers
– Drinks & Desserts

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