“Hassetts Bakery and Confectioners are an artisan bakery founded by Michael Hassett in 1984. Our make handmade bread, desserts, pastries, biscuits and crackers. Our also sell fresh sandwiches and the serve Lavazza coffee. Our serve the community with our shops and supply wholesale to supermarkets and cafes across Ireland, parts of Europe and the US Hassetts is committed to delivering quality and innovative baking and confectionery products to every our customers every day. Our take time to source the best ingredients available locally and we continuously improve we processes in alignment with we sustainable future ethos. Our will continue to respect and develop the art of baking introducing exciting new flavours and textures.”

Hassetts are the main supplier of high-end bread and confectionery products to the restaurants in Cork.Their products may now be found in several retail outlets including select SuperValu stores and Cork Airport Duty Free Shop.

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