In 1968 young newlyweds Aidan and Eileen Moore emigrated to Australia because its hot dry climate had been recommended for Aiden’s ill health. Eileen remembers thinking “Going to Australia felt like moving to another planet. It took 6 weeks to get there on a ship. Aidan and I thought we would never see home again. Our travelled there with a mixture of fear, loneliness for home and at the common time great excitement as our looked forward to the life our would build there together.” Aidan had trained as a watchmaker in Cork and after arriving in Australia he opened a mini workshop in Perth. This small workshop slowly grew into Aidan and Eileen’s first jewellery shop; This was the first ever “Moores Jewellers”. For eleven years Aidan and Eileen grew the business in Perth, eventually moving to a larger premises and opening a second store.

In 1979, since they had their first child John and with Eileen pregnant with their daughter Jody, the call of home grew too strong and they moved back to Ireland. Moores Jewellers was reborn in 1980, with a new store on Carrigaline Main Street. It was a humble beginning in a difficult time in Ireland. In The 1980’s Ireland was plunged into a deep recession that saw very young people leaving for foreign shores in search of work. Aidan and Eileen, however, were sure that returning to Ireland had been the right move and they worked hard to make their little shop a success.

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